Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day

Happy February, from the winter wonderland of Chicago

Max and I just wrapped up another Draw Until You Puke marathon, so I'm taking the evening off to watch the snow, go through some photos, and just plain relax.  

Draw Until You Puke is a week-long Drink & Draw marathon, where we attend or improvise all sorts of sketching, drawing, painting, or just general creative events.  
Here's what Thursday's DUYP event looked like for us:
The DUYP'ers at Atomic Sketch!  This was one of my favorite events, ever.  
Also, I ate a ton of tamales.  

Anyway.  It's February now, Chicago's got a bit of snow about, and I'm feeling justifiably lazy.
I might doodle a portrait in the sketchbook later...

Or work on a painting, for the Pancakes & Booze show this Saturday...

Or ...I might just eat spaghetti and play video games all night.

Speaking of painting, I've also been attending a Burlesque model workshop at Stvdio480 the last couple weeks.  It's been so helpful, as I'm focusing more on learning to paint with oils now.  
It's a 3-session pose, so 9 hours total.  

Day One:

Day Two:

This Saturday's the last day - I hope I don't make a muck of this.  It's been so much fun. 

Alright - I'm off to find some spaghetti.  
I hope you're enjoying Winter!  We certainly are in Chicago!


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