Wednesday, December 18, 2013


December has kept me 
b u s y

A major change was that at the beginning of the month, I got a brand-spankin-new day-job gig
And getting used to a brand-spankin-new day-job always seems to take up time.  A new field to learn about!  Public transportation adventures!  Working on Michigan Ave!  All this and more.  

I'm very excited to have work right now in this show at Clutter Gallery in NY.  If you haven't checked out the show and all the amazing work - you should!  Just click here.

I had two pieces on display.  This piece is sold already:

However, you can still give ol' Pokey Nose a good home:
He's available here through Clutter.  He's also one of the last monsters that'll be available this year, before I go on a little sewing hiatus.

Why a sewing hiatus?  Well:
I just finished an epic sewing-marathon to get ready for the Revolution Brewery Holiday Craft Show! 

It was last weekend, and a whole ton of beer-fueled fun.
I've never done a Craft Show before, and this was a great first experience.  Huge thanks to everyone who showed up!

The hot item for me was the Chicago Bird, which I'm sold out of at the moment
But there will be more after Christmas!
If you're interested in getting on the mailing list for these, just shoot me an email

Oh! And finally
Australia!  In this month's issue of Australian Homespun magazine there's a nifty little feature on me and how I work.  The whole magazine is really great - pick up a copy!

Alright, just a little bit more work left in this month.  Back at it!


Sunday, November 24, 2013


A little rusty pokey nose!

His hoop is about 3" across, and he sticks out about 4" from the wall.  As usual, he's hand sewn from soft wool felt, with beaded details and shiny black button eyes.  And his arms are wired and poseable, so he doesn't always need to look quite so pensive.

He's in the Shop now!

Friday, November 22, 2013

From the Wild



I really don't know where they get these radishy things from, but I'm not eating one.
This whiskery fellow is about 5.5" x 7", made of wool felt, wire, and shiny button eyes.


Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey there!

There's a new beardy friend over in my Etsy Shop!
He's a big fellow!

And he's got some friends too:
Three little birds


Friday, November 15, 2013

New Small Sadness Amigurumi

This little melancholy monster is new this week, and over in my Etsy shop!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gearin' Up!

It's just about shopping season, so I've been working hard in the studio - getting ready for my very first 
O, goodness.

For so long I've resisted the Craft Show scene, and have never even applied to one before.  But when I saw this pop up a couple months ago, I knew I had to apply:

Chicago's Revolution Brewery is known for being always amazing, and this show should meet that same expectation.  It'll be held IN THE BREWERY (yes!) at the address above.  You should come and laugh at me trying to conduct business while on my 3rd Eugene.

There's  FB event page  here  with more information and a list of exhibitors!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, I'm having a
You can find special spooky prices on my creepy creatures over at my Etsy shop!

Another scary sale on prints over at my Big Cartel shop!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Melissa Sue at Plush You!

That's right!

I'll have new work on display this Friday!
Plush You! 2013
October 11,
Schmancy in Seattle

This large fellow:

..will be there, along with his friend:

The French Breakfast Radish
You can see some more images of these guys over at Flickr

And if you're in the area, you can see them at Schmancy this Friday!
1932 2nd Ave     Seattle, WA     98101
Both crispy little monsters are available for purchase, and you can inquire directly with Schmancy at

Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Monsters!

Just a quick update, as I'm workin' hard on some stuff today!

There's new faces over in the Shop!  Evil Produce!  

There's Evil Carrots, Zombie Strawberries, and even your old friends:
Strawberry Birds!

You can find these creepy things over at my Etsy Shop:

I've done some online re-arranging this weekend, so there's been some things moved between my two shops.  I'm happy with how things are laid out now - When you work and sell different types of art and handmade goodness it not only makes for a very messy studio, but also a messy online store.  
Separating the 2D and 3D work seems to work tho.  

I think that'll work better for now. 

Anyway. Back to work.  I've got a pile of raddishy goodness to get out the door!

Monday, September 16, 2013

As Usual...

September is crammed with end-of-summer madness, art, and music

I'm completely in love with the life-drawing sessions I've been going to.

The best way to spend an evening!  And sometimes there's pizza.

Other fun ways to spend an evening - as usual - sewing things and obsessively watching crazy fantasy television series
Speaking of which, my buddy Alex does these great little illustrations of the GoT characters.  I'm trying to bug him to put them in his Etsy shop - maybe soon?

In the above photo I'm working on some new monster creatures, for my brand new shop!
Which you can check out here:

Aside from work, I can't believe it's September again already.  The Fall weather is lovely, and it is nice to not have an apartment that's over 100 degrees.  

This weekend felt like the last-hurrah
Dancing in the warm sand and sunshine by the lake!
Running and bopping through the cold mud at Riot Fest!

And now, as usual, back to work for me!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


In between shows and events at the (brief) moment, taking some time to play with my sketchbooks
I'm working with gouache for the first time, and really enjoying it.  This is a little sketch of, as always, Joe.  We've been doing mostly-monthly portrait sessions, where I paint him and he wiggles around on the couch and talks all night. It's going well.  

Figure Drawing!
Since moving to the city, I've been on the search for a good figure-drawing studio.  Last Thursday I think I found it!

I haven't done full-figure drawing in years, so it was wonderful to get a good quiet night to sketch back into it.

Have Mokeskine, will travel.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Special Purpose

"My dear family, guess what? Today I found out what my special purpose is for. Gosh what a great time I had. I wish my whole family could have been here with me."
Ohhh, Navin.
"What do you think I am, some kinda jerk??"
"Special Purpose"
Portrait of Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) from "The Jerk"
Watecolor and colored pencil on paper, 9"x20"
On display tonight at, and available through,
Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, MI
Joke's On You, Buddy

You Belong To Me

"Who knows? Maybe you and him could make love and think of me."
What a derp, ol' rosy-nosed Marie.
"You Belong To Me"
Portrait of Marie (Bernadette Peters) from Steve Martin's "The Jerk"
Watercolor and colored pencil on paper, 8"x10"
On display tonight at, and available through,
Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, MI
Joke's On You, Buddy

Put A Rubber On It

"Just looking around here I can're a genuinely dirty person"

And that's why we love you, Patty Bernstein.

"Put A Rubber On It"
portrait of Patty Bernstein (Catlin Adams) from Steve Martin's "The Jerk"
Watercolor and colored pencil on paper, 8"x10"
On display tonight at, and available through,
Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, MI
Joke's On You, Buddy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 11th - Original Soul-less Sketch

Also!  You can snap up my Doctor Who sketch card from last week's Fandomfest "Matt-off" - right now over in my Etsy shop!

And as for you, cupie doll....!!!

Before I post the final images, I wanted to share the original drawings for two of my new paintings:
"Put A Rubber On It"
Patty Bernstein, you crazy bitch.
"You Belong To Me"
And of course, ol derpy' Marie.  What a goofball.

These, and a third painting which I'll show soon, are for
Joke's On You, Buddy
a collection of work all about comedians and comedy in general. The nine artists in the show cover a broad range of styles and techniques to their artwork, as well as varied senses of humor.
Opening this Friday at the Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo, MI!