Monday, September 16, 2013

As Usual...

September is crammed with end-of-summer madness, art, and music

I'm completely in love with the life-drawing sessions I've been going to.

The best way to spend an evening!  And sometimes there's pizza.

Other fun ways to spend an evening - as usual - sewing things and obsessively watching crazy fantasy television series
Speaking of which, my buddy Alex does these great little illustrations of the GoT characters.  I'm trying to bug him to put them in his Etsy shop - maybe soon?

In the above photo I'm working on some new monster creatures, for my brand new shop!
Which you can check out here:

Aside from work, I can't believe it's September again already.  The Fall weather is lovely, and it is nice to not have an apartment that's over 100 degrees.  

This weekend felt like the last-hurrah
Dancing in the warm sand and sunshine by the lake!
Running and bopping through the cold mud at Riot Fest!

And now, as usual, back to work for me!

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