Tuesday, July 30, 2013

this blog is alive!

Yo Internet!
I'm wicked busy at the moment, finishing up and packing up new paintings, but here's a quick buzz through the news!  

New Tootsie Monster!
I was commissioned to make a new Tootsie Monster, and he was stitched up and sent off to his new home.  I'm actually taking commissions for these creeps now, so if you're interested you can shoot me an email at melissasueart@yahoo.com, or check out my Etsy Shop!

Also over in the Etsy shop, a brand new Amigurumi Friend.
Slightly less bitey.

In the painting-and-drawing news, I finished this watercolor portrait of the lovely and talented Maria:
Her work is amazing and always inspiring, and she's also just funny and adorable.  

I've also been messing around with oils again, to get back into that feel.  Little sketches on weekend mornings
(also available on Etsy now)

And finally on the Nerd Front, I just got back from a long long weekend in lovely Louisville, Kentucky
Where I dorked-around with the Mystery Afoot guys!  We spent the weekend at Fandom Fest, and you can see more of that nonsense at the lowcarbcomedy website, here here here.  

It was my birthday weekend, so there was also a little bit of goofing off, swimming, fancy pants beers, hiking and boat rides in caves, and (omg) Star Trek pinball.
But otherwise, hanging out in the booth and selling prints (I brought Marceline and Lydia Deetz), hot dogs, people-watching, and lots of drawing silly pictures.  
As you can see above, we had a Shat-Off (everybody draw Shatner!) and then later there was a Matt-Off (less popular but equally entertaining).  Here's my Matt:
I'll stick this sketch into my Etsy shop next week - and no, he won't have eyeballs, because he's a monster.

If you're interested in Mystery Afoot (as well you should be!) you can read it right here!  Go enjoy that. 

And now, back to work for me! 
Here's a sneak peak at one of my works-in-progress:
New paintings soon!  For:
Opens August 9th from 7-9pm and runs throughAugust 24th at Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo, MI.