Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some weeks...

…you just need to have a Gin and make a Mandrake.
The last week or so has been like that.

The Mandrake is for an art-swap that I'm pretty excited about - and he turned out pretty cute:
What a wee screamer!

Besides making this little fella, the rest of the last seven days or so has been pretty random and a little crazy.

Valentine's was lovely!  
Even though it was something terrible like -2° all day, we went out for a long walk, 
sketch-booking and bar-hopping and had a blast.  
Old Fashioned's and Sketchbooks, <3 .="" p="">

Also spent some Valentine's-Time with these lovely ladies
Lana & I met Ixie while she was in town with her Nightmare in Wonderland Project - and then had a fantastic time out and about Chicago with her. 

Right after Valentines, Dr. Sketchy's made its triumphant return:
at the Beauty Bar!

We were all treated to a fantastic double-model session with Brooklyn Britches and Millie Toulouse.  

And the Beauty Bar just continues to be one of my favorite places to hang out.

Everything else was just run-here run-there 
work work work.

I've got some super-exciting shows coming up (news soon!)
and a super-terrifying commission I'm working on:
But more about this beastie later.  


Saturday, February 14, 2015

So Many Cheeseburgers

Last night, to celebrate Friday the 13th, I treated myself to my very favorite burger:
the "Iron Maiden" at Kuma's.  It normally doesn't get much better than that - but - Kuma's was also pouring a Peanut Butter Imperial Stout.  Throw in some crisps, and the whole thing was just ridiculous. 

Anyway, seems like a fitting time to say:
This lovely lady is now available in my 2D shop, for a sweet price!

There's a couple deals over there too:
Custom work on sale for a limited time
As well as the last of the Marceline and Eggplant prints!

Now, if you'll excuse me - I'm going to go eat a giant salad and then run around the park five times.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cheeseburgers, Pancakes & Booze

Last Saturday, February 7, this was the scene outside Reggie's Rock Club

Because this was the scene inside Reggie's Rock Club
A (very) large crowd, music on two stages, live painting, lots and lots of art, and 
free pancakes.
Once again, Pancakes & Booze hit Chicago.
It's pretty much open to whoever wants to show up and do whatever they like - so there's all sorts of work on display, or just happening.  I think I saw about five easels throughout where artists were painting or drawing.  I put up a couple things, and then Max & I headed upstairs near the Free Pancakes booth - where there were tables.
because we can't go anywhere without drawing, apparently.  
A party's not a party without your sketchbook.

After participating in last year's Pancakes & Booze I had a better idea of what to expect, and what to bring.  I wanted to create a painting specifically for this event, but I didn't want to sweat too much over it because - really.  It's called Pancakes & Booze.  Seriously.

So I gave myself about a week of after-work evenings, and:

"I Freaking Love Cheeseburgers"
oil on canvas

This lady loves a fried egg.  And she'll be up in the Shop later this week.  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day

Happy February, from the winter wonderland of Chicago

Max and I just wrapped up another Draw Until You Puke marathon, so I'm taking the evening off to watch the snow, go through some photos, and just plain relax.  

Draw Until You Puke is a week-long Drink & Draw marathon, where we attend or improvise all sorts of sketching, drawing, painting, or just general creative events.  
Here's what Thursday's DUYP event looked like for us:
The DUYP'ers at Atomic Sketch!  This was one of my favorite events, ever.  
Also, I ate a ton of tamales.  

Anyway.  It's February now, Chicago's got a bit of snow about, and I'm feeling justifiably lazy.
I might doodle a portrait in the sketchbook later...

Or work on a painting, for the Pancakes & Booze show this Saturday...

Or ...I might just eat spaghetti and play video games all night.

Speaking of painting, I've also been attending a Burlesque model workshop at Stvdio480 the last couple weeks.  It's been so helpful, as I'm focusing more on learning to paint with oils now.  
It's a 3-session pose, so 9 hours total.  

Day One:

Day Two:

This Saturday's the last day - I hope I don't make a muck of this.  It's been so much fun. 

Alright - I'm off to find some spaghetti.  
I hope you're enjoying Winter!  We certainly are in Chicago!