Thursday, July 30, 2009

custom order.

i have like 15 people i need to email tonight. you're probably one of them!
thanks for sitting tight. i love u.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

new amigurumi - custom order

he's totally old school

so 2006

i love him. he's gotta mail tomorrow, but i might take him to the garden first and photograph him up right

the pile of work is not getting smaller.


Monday, July 20, 2009

still in progress, it's a doozy of a project.


(i am excited by this project)

Slate Amigurumi Cat Cow Monster Thing

he's moving to australia tomorrow! woo.

i am burning through yarn this week. more soon. workworkwork.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

it comes right out of the wall! no hoop. i am pretty pleased with myself on this one. it was the customer's request, and a fun little challenge.

i'd like to make some more, we'll see. right now i am up to my eyeballs in work and art show deadlines.
holy balls, working. i'm trying so hard to get work done this weekend but i am sleepy and easily distracted by food and naps. UG. i am now chaining myself to this desk and not leaving until i get a big chunk of work completed.

for example.

you know the Melancholy Monsters. right. well now i am working on a batch of their cousins - the Small Sadness's. They will be ready this week. I like them. They are cute.

and, this will be complete in a matter of hours. photo shoot tomorrow probably, and then he is off to a nice new home in australia!

now. work. cue the dancing danny divito in my brain: "gooooooooo go for it go for it... gooooooo"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

my little guys in good company

(images happily ganked from art whino and chris creatures)

wish i coulda gone, but ah well.

but yea, for anyone who was interested, those two monsters, "wonder" and "believe" are now available from the art whino gallery for several pretty pennies.

ok back to work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My art business has been a little quiet, at least on the surface. I've been processing a lot of information and ideas from travel, catching up on work, catching up on the part-time desk gig, catching up on spending time sketching and drawing, writing, cooking, cleaning, settling.


Meanwhile, as i do that, my first published article came out, in Stuffed Magazine, and hit Jo-Ann Fabrics, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc, all over the country.

Meanwhile, my first check for writing an article, for said magazine, came in the mail, and I felt another milestone under my feet.

Meanwhile, these three bastards are on their way home, and will be available for consumption soon.

Meanwhile, I've got two more of my 'children' arriving in Maryland for my first plush-art-show experience, at the Art Whino gallery, for the Mortal Plush show, this Saturday, July 11.

Meanwhile, I am keeping to what I want and keeping it honest and keeping quiet.

wabi sabi
dusty yarn
expensive beer
worn-out hands
my dog
florenza pincushions
mini comics
higgins ink
henry miller
your face

Friday, July 3, 2009