Sunday, July 19, 2009

holy balls, working. i'm trying so hard to get work done this weekend but i am sleepy and easily distracted by food and naps. UG. i am now chaining myself to this desk and not leaving until i get a big chunk of work completed.

for example.

you know the Melancholy Monsters. right. well now i am working on a batch of their cousins - the Small Sadness's. They will be ready this week. I like them. They are cute.

and, this will be complete in a matter of hours. photo shoot tomorrow probably, and then he is off to a nice new home in australia!

now. work. cue the dancing danny divito in my brain: "gooooooooo go for it go for it... gooooooo"


Danielle said...

dawwww mr. catcow #2 is adorable! His predecessor is residing comfortably next to the Red Rover ami (Magellan) on my bed <3

Danielle said...

p.s. I can't wait to see the small sadnesses!