Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i'm done

(at least for a few days. this is the last of the "2009 work". i have two major pieces that i'm going to start maybe next week, but they gonna take a while.)

tomorrow i pack up the studio. not sure where i'll be working this weekend, and then on. kitchen table? so long, studio.

tomorrow i also pack up most of the upstairs, and bits of downstairs.

moving used to be as easy as two big black garbage bags.
honestly it's still pretty much that easy, except for my pesky art collection and art studio. these things require a bit more attention. the majority of 'stuff' that has to go overseas has to do with 1) art making 2) art collecting 3) cooking. oh, to be a self-employed artist and housewife in switzerland.

tonight i spent 3.5 hours driving through a blizzard running an errand.
i say that's earned me a couple hours of beer, regretsy browsing, and sorting my back-issues of juxtapoz.

ETA: you might be interested to click here. ami'style

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Spotted Tootsie

rare and elusive.

when i peek under the bed at night, this is not what i want to see staring back at me.

(yes he has little pubic-area hairs. he's a wild monster.)

i'm particularly fond of the tail-spots.

off he goes.

you might be interested in clicking here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i have a million emails/convos, i'll be answering them tomorrow. (ok i have a dozen. whatevs)


Luv-able Hug-able opens tomorrow night! GO! if you're in the NYC area. There are baba yaga shacks, strawberry birds, and other miscellaneous bastards there for you to see.

12-3-09 ETA: You can now shop the show online -->HERE<-- . I know my Etsy shop is tragically low on stock, so this might be a good place to run for a chicken shack or tiny teardrop or strawberry monster, if ya like.

Stuff This opens Saturday night! GO! if you're in the Columbus Ohio area. That is where the Baba Yaga plush sculpture is at. AND, I also have a special ornament showing and available there:

OH MAN that Radish God is pissed off for good. Watch out.

STUFFED winter 2010 is now available for pre-order. Comes out Jan 1, and I have a gaggle of bastards in there. And my name is on the cover, which makes me kinda feel like spiking a football and doing a little dance.

i'm also making another Tootsie Monster. and a new amigurumi (order) that i dont have photos of yet.

here's some sketches.

everything should be wrapped up friday/sat morning. donedonedone. then i will sleep. and go to renegade. have some beer. and pack the shit out of my house because the handyman is coming monday to fix um everything. then i will quilt and chill and do yoga and light the lights and bake cookies and re-the-fucking-lax.

c'mon, weekend.

i like him. he gave me a lot of problems but i think thats just because i hate radishes a lot and he probably resents that. but it's really the little red ones i dont like. i like the big ones. i love them pickled. MMMM, TAKUAN!! although this guy isn't quite a Daikon.