Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cheeseburgers, Pancakes & Booze

Last Saturday, February 7, this was the scene outside Reggie's Rock Club

Because this was the scene inside Reggie's Rock Club
A (very) large crowd, music on two stages, live painting, lots and lots of art, and 
free pancakes.
Once again, Pancakes & Booze hit Chicago.
It's pretty much open to whoever wants to show up and do whatever they like - so there's all sorts of work on display, or just happening.  I think I saw about five easels throughout where artists were painting or drawing.  I put up a couple things, and then Max & I headed upstairs near the Free Pancakes booth - where there were tables.
because we can't go anywhere without drawing, apparently.  
A party's not a party without your sketchbook.

After participating in last year's Pancakes & Booze I had a better idea of what to expect, and what to bring.  I wanted to create a painting specifically for this event, but I didn't want to sweat too much over it because - really.  It's called Pancakes & Booze.  Seriously.

So I gave myself about a week of after-work evenings, and:

"I Freaking Love Cheeseburgers"
oil on canvas

This lady loves a fried egg.  And she'll be up in the Shop later this week.  

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