Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Monsters!

Just a quick update, as I'm workin' hard on some stuff today!

There's new faces over in the Shop!  Evil Produce!  

There's Evil Carrots, Zombie Strawberries, and even your old friends:
Strawberry Birds!

You can find these creepy things over at my Etsy Shop:

I've done some online re-arranging this weekend, so there's been some things moved between my two shops.  I'm happy with how things are laid out now - When you work and sell different types of art and handmade goodness it not only makes for a very messy studio, but also a messy online store.  
Separating the 2D and 3D work seems to work tho.  

I think that'll work better for now. 

Anyway. Back to work.  I've got a pile of raddishy goodness to get out the door!

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