Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh hey!

Ok so first off:

Riot Fest was fan-tastic. The bands themselves were amazing - and we saw damn near all of them - but the whole carnival atmosphere and way the thing was put together was perfect. Two days of dancing and whiskey and ferris wheels.

Moving along, it's Autumn, which means I can't help this from happening

New monsters and friends being sewn-up for my Etsy shop. If you've ever wanted one of my critters, next month will be a good time to snatch one up (ETA: the new Tootsie Monster has already been purchased ~ Thanks!)  I'll post more photos of these as they come along - I'm taking my time with them and they'll be done next month, along with some new Amigurumi. I've been sewing these little monsters in the evenings, in that little bit of time between when I get home from the day job and before I start the night's painting.

And then I'm still working on the fish-ladies

This one is just about done, with the other two close behind. She's 18"x7", watercolor and graphite pencil on paper. I'm working on getting details now, in the hair and wrinkles, which is my favorite thing and makes me wicked happy.
I should have details on the show soon!



Corinna said...

She is amazing! Also, can't wait to see your Etsy creations. Can I ask what type of wool felt you use?

Melissa Sue said...

Thanks Corinna! For my sewn pieces I'm using whatever wool felt I can find at this point, a lot of the quilt shops around me closed or don't carry wool anymore. I need to start sourcing some out online soon!