Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Labor Day Weekend

Thurs/Fri/Sat were pretty much spent at OhNo!Doom. The radical Adventure Time show is off (but still Online!), and the Autumn is being slowly (and happily) welcomed in with The Grove

This show is lovely and full of surprises and little mysteries. I walked away with a particularly fantastic (and curiously disturbing) print by Teagan White.

Other Labor Day activities included:

Making new friends in unusual places

Dee-licious home grillin' and being lazy outside in the deep grass

Sketchbook Sketching. This fishy-lady will be painted and printed, along with some of her terrifying aquatic friends, for a show next month in New York state. Details on all of THAT later!

And of course,

Drinking with Goats and Friends.

..and as always, back to work. It was a long (long long long) day at the office today, but I'm thinking I can still get in a few good hours of paint.

Happy September, Internet. Who's ready for gourds and cider?!

1 comment:

mijbil said...

I love that sketch! (the goat is cute too :P)
Big hugs from Sweden! :)