Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cowabunga, Indeed.

O-M-Glob you guys, it's almost Adventure Time!!!

On August 11th, OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago is going to get wicked algebraic!

If you're in Chicago you don't want to miss this. C'mon and grab your friends and swing on by to check out the super amazing art, smash some cookies in your face, maybe do a little science-dancing, and play my favorite game, "Count How Many Hipster Girls Came Dressed Up As Marceline"

In the meantime, don't forget that the current show Septenary is still on! Which means it's not too late for someone to buy J. Shea's "Caligrapher" for me as a belated birthday present...

...it's seriously gorgeous.

OK, enough chatter. BACK TA WERK for me. A certain sweet gentleman is working on finishing up the scan-stuff involved in my Marceline painting, so I should have a nice final image for you of that later tonight! And I'll let you know about the prints of that which will be available at the show.
Painting, cartoons, and beer, here we go.
Happy Tuesday, internet.

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