Friday, May 25, 2012

hazy day

It was a hazy day in Seoul

We puttered around the palace

There was lunch in a little dive that served this wonderfulness:

Lounging and waiting in the Seoul airport

(I became addicted to that sugary instant coffee and nicked a whole handful from the business-class lounge we were chillin' in.)

Lounging in the San Francisco airport

12 hours later, not sure what day or where I am. Do I want healthy oj, or wake-up coffee, or just more beer?? All that's certain is that I absolutely want cookies.

There and back again

So, long flights and heavy luggage and a couple days of meetings later - back in hot hot Chicago. A classy and sweet gentleman has a 1-am ice cold summer shanty waiting for me.

And now, I believe I'll eat something that isn't fermented octopus, and get back to work. Draw draw paint paint paint. Back at it.
Food-blogs to follow in the next week or so as I have time (ha.)


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