Thursday, November 19, 2009

the catfoxcreature is complete... but i'm re-evaluating my photography set-up. i think my photos could be better. so this afternoon i'm off in search of a tripod (pot of coffee every morning = shaky hands = blurry photos) and some sort of light source that doesn't suck. the lighting in my studio is god-awful, but it's mostly to do with cheap lamps and a house facing the wrong direction. SO. fun day. then i'm going to re-shoot everything in my shop, update the listings, and not sleep until the end of january.

give me ibsen, and some sausage, i am ready.

in other news, my poodlebreath showed up today.

i got the big blue sinking fairy pendant, and i love it. it's keeping my little alleluja piece company.
poodlebreath (get 'em while they're still around)

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Heather said...

Hah! I LOVE the Sinking Fairy pendant!!!! Thanks for the link!