Thursday, November 26, 2009


This entry is going to be completely rambling and babbling, but it's Thanksgiving morning and i'm not cooking today and i've got some coffee and so there.

I've been thinking a lot about these guys lately:

Because of questions that i've gotten or things i'm working on recently. I keep turning around in my seat at my desk and glancing back at these two poor bastards.

They're Number One and Number Two: the first two creatures i sewed.
One year ago, i decided that in order to continue to express things i wanted to say, i had to branch out from crochet, and learn how to sew plush. I had no idea. The white-muslin guy was made first. If you look close, you can see he is in fact held together by packing tape in some places, because i couldn't figure out how the pieces would otherwise go together.
Then i figured i'd start smaller, and made Number Two, that demented little bird. There were a lot of bird prototypes after him, but this little guy has a special spot in my heart as being the first.

He's so ugly. I adore him.
(This is, incidentally, why i don't sell patterns. I'm super interested in what happens and what creatures and art can be made when people don't use patterns and just sort of figure it out.)

So, one year later, this weekend, I'm working on this piece, for an art show in Columbus next month. It's complicated and worrisome and I'm still figuring things out. But I feel in 12 months I've come very far from these two poor misshapen bastards. I haven't slept much, I've burned through a lot of wool felt, and my fingers have awesome and deep 'needle calluses'. 2009 has been completely bad-ass.

I suppose where I am going with this is, when i think about thanksgiving, i'm cheesy, yes, and i am thankful for many things. and one of the things that i've never taken for granted, and am always thankful for is the fact that i have a thing i want to do, and i love to do, and i have the ability to just do do do do it.

dear internets.
happy thanksgiving. thank you.


Silver Sisters said...

I can't believe you've only been doing this for a year!! Your creations are amazing. As someone who sews things I am baffled at how to even begin one of these things. Amazing.

(For some reason I can't see the guys you are referencing in your post :( )

Melissa Sue said...

Thank you :D
Hm, not sure why the photos arent showing..? Here's a link:

Lizette said...

"Needle callouses" are the best reward :) It tells you you have been working hard. Look forward to seeing your new pieces.

lej619 said...

wow now don't take this wrong... but boy you have come a long way.!! and I like One and Two!! nice job all around!

Danielle Nelson said...

I love your little bird too!! In some ways this reminds me of Lauri Faggioni's story in the extras of "Science of Sleep". If you have not seen that movie, you would probably enjoy the artistry of it. It is fab!!! Love your stuffies!!! So quirky cool!!!

Danielle Nelson said...

Click it!!! It's the Faggioni clip

Melissa Sue said...

thanks guys! :)
Peapod - yes! I've seen that Lauri bit over and over and i love it. very inspirational. I watch that movie VERY often, while i am working, for background, but with the commentary on. The commentary is hilarious.

Kira - said...

Seriously, if you've only been up to this for a year, I can't even imagine what amazing things are to come. You're really an inspiration.

natasha said...

yeah, i have a few things i sewed in college and i like em, but they are creeeeeepy. partly on purpose, mostly not.

i agree that crochet is just too slow going to crank stuff out. everything just looks gorgeous. go you!!