Wednesday, October 21, 2009


hello internets

i try not to sale-blog you or re-blog you, but sometimes it's necessary for me to yell certain things into the world, so thanks for bearing with me.

today's bit of talk is this:

like most people, every January i make a little list of goals for the upcoming year
so in january of 2009 i made my little list
one of the things at the tippy tap top of this list was:
"be accepted to and exhibit in Plush You at the schmancy gallery in seattle"
this was a little something i had always on the back burner of my brain, ever since i started making those first amigurumi back in 2007
So, being one of the participants of Plush You '09, at Schmancy, is pretty freaking fantastic for me.

(from Schmancy, here )

(my guys are totally chillin' with some sweet LL&O friends)

The show is still open, and if you're in the Schmancy area, you should stop by and see it and i will live vicariously though you! I would have gone but i was in an airplane at the time of the opening, exhausted and covered in mekong-river-sewer-water.

I'm really thrilled to be showing there, and for the show I really tried to make work that was on par with my excitement. These are the pieces on display, you may recall:

i also sent the fresh strawberry to keep them company

These are now available from Schmancy online, if you click HERE. I'm not sure if the octopus demon is still available, but both that piece and the woodnymph demon are being offered at a fat discount*, to celebrate this milestone in my strange plush career.

Thank you internets, that's all. <3

*price shown on page is discounted price.


Schmancy said...

don't you love checking off goals? your work is fantastic. I am glad to have it in the show! xoxo

emily said...

congratulations! love the strawberry... x