Friday, October 30, 2009

i've been having fun.

new free-range studio monster

this guy, he's got a lot to say

quiet and rabbit-like

centerpiece / sitting

jewelry holder / hanging

i've started calling this guy max, you can imagine why

he's my favorite. he's got little spots and perfect little ears. i love him.

a new treehouse

there will be a few more treehouses coming, i'm pretty fond of this one

little things that add hours to the work but really make me happy

speaking of little details, the backs of all the new mini-wall monsters

are finished with awesome recycled Waverly upholstery fabric.

all of this stuff is going to be in
The Shop

If i ever get home from working the desk job - it's going to be a long day.

...speaking of which. i chatted with my boss on wednesday, and we nailed down what my actual date of leaving will be. my last day, for real official, of working for someone other than myself, is January 22, 2010. Seeing that written on the calendar, it's amazing. anyone who's been reading my blabber since 2005 knows how frustrated i've been about art/deskjob/life. and to be honest, leaving wqa is going to be hard for me. but - to be free and support myself off of my art, finally? that's everything.


sad-sad-beast said...

i love the new studio monster! love love love! will he be in the shop too? i just went looking but he's hiding somewhere else me thinks...?

Melissa Sue said...

he'll be right there ;) working on it now xoxoxo thanks

Valerie said...

The tree in branches is superb, and I love the way your felt creatures burst out of those embroidery hoops. Fabulously inventive stuff.

les lubies said...

wow ! the tree house is fan-tas-tic ! But already sold ?... I can't see it in the shop...
You're a genius ;o)

Melissa Sue said...

thanks guys! ;)

les lubies: the treehouse already found a new home, but there are more on the way :)


Jiorji said...

these are all so GREAT!! i love them