Saturday, May 16, 2009

so, a customer who liked this guy:

commissioned this as a gift for her husband for their 1-year anniversary:

the female monster has a hat because my customer is a millner! she makes pretty aweseome caps, which can be found in her Etsy Shop

im pretty happy with how the two similar yet unique patterns / body shapes turned out

i feel in love with this little blue guy and did not want to mail him away

my brain drew a complete blank on how to make a hat. but again, im happy with what my fingers came up with.

initial sketches


still missing some body parts, but already happy

i miss them already


Pang said...

oh my gosh!!! i love these guys! great job!

Danielle said...

awww! They are beautiful! That's such a neat idea for an anniversary gift :)

denise said...

Great idea and you did a great job. I love the spindly fingers on all these creatures you've been making.

Rosemoo said...

Those two are fabulous! Love the different yet similar body styles!

And great hat!

pepper said...

oh i love these guys! I can see it would be hard to part with them.. So fantasticly whimsical and expressionate.