Thursday, May 28, 2009

for me these fortune cookie embroideries are somewhere between: reactionary joke against the perpetuation of bullshit aesthetics and general crap, and, just something i think is funny and a good idea and enjoy making.

i amuse only myself, i suppose. probably bad for business...

(i do like these though and hope someone else does too...)

this catcow is almost done

i've been really itching to use this great colorway yarn i got - the one up front there - it's from uruguay and it smells amazing and its soft and the colors are amazing. i dont like making whole ami's out of colorway yarn - but for horns and details it's perfect.


Svannah said...

I like your fortune cookie embroidery. Some of them are just plain humorous. Like the real estate one. :)

Loving the catcow!! Can't wait ti see it finished!

Rosemoo said...

I love the fortune cookie embroideries. They're adorable. I think they're even more fun with the actual fortune there to compare and contrast. Not sure how you'd swing that though.

tired of smiling said...

You know you're supposed to put "in bed" at the end of every fortune, right? Makes them much more interesting that way.

Danielle said...

yay, another catcow! <3