Monday, April 6, 2009

a very short list of people get insane text messages like this in the middle of the night

(in progress tootsie watches gondry flicks with sewing-pin eyeballs)

(he's almost done and going to eat you soon)

(tally ho!)

i think i'm just going through tootsie monster withdrawl. it's kinda lonely in here without him. sob. (there will be more, oh yes)


holy sweet bejesuz birds. sewing my little knucles off again, for brick-and-mortar and internets.

mostly though i have been yarnin' it up. amigurumi pics this week. woo.


Malissa said...

I LOVE the in-progress pic at the end. Your work is so amazing.

Danielle said...

omg! Your tootsie monster is riding my sepia monster!! I can't wait to get paid this Friday XD my other ami I bought from you (like 3 years ago) is eagerly awaiting his friend!!

Melissa Sue said...

wee! Danielle, is that the sparkly red rover ami you got?! I had no idea. wooooooooo

Danielle said...

It sure was!! His name is Magellan :)

I'm trying to figger on a good name for the sepia monster...maybe I will know it when I pull him outta the box!