Tuesday, April 28, 2009

done digity

i think after this guy im going to switch from muslin to linen for these

i left the outer hoop on this guy so i could cover the back in new fabric from the fancy pants store

the owl is only going to live there for about another half hour, then he gets packed up and is the birthday/xmas present for my BFF.

speaking of which...
i gotta go figure out what i'm wearing tonight for BFF birthday night part I. we have a hankerin' for sushi, and
two tickets
to see
these guys


Ellen said...

I saw them in Tampa at the beginning of their tour, they were great!

Very nice work, I like how you incorporate the hoops!

Michal (Skeletons Out of Closet) said...

I really love it. Is it one fabric or few connected? how did you change the colors?
It's beautiful.