Monday, January 26, 2009

so, i guess i collect these things. i mean, i have a big stack of them, and it makes me happy, and i'm always putzing about with an eye out for more. but i'm picky. really picky. and i dont actively search, i just sort of stumble across them and love them and buy them. but i always want more. chances are im one of the first in line to paypal you my $5 if you're making one. and my favorite chair is stuffed full of pins and needles as i patiently await the arrival of Mr. Pulaski's.

sometimes people are superawesome, and buy them for me. usually this person is JoeV, because he knows what i like. he recently bought me this thing and i am telling you about it because i think it is FanTasTic.

oh, how i love it. *sigh. you need one. you can get one here.

that's all. i have a shit-ton of Heads to make tonight.


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