Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bell Jar

This new succulent beastie is having an adventure in Seattle!  
I'm thrilled to have this piece on display alongside the work of so may other talented female artists, at Ghost Gallery this month.

"BELL JAR features 24 local & national artists working with the ever-iconic cloche vessel.  Mixed media work will be encapsulated in these seemingly fragile yet protective environments, portraying varying levels of sentimentality, experimentation and personal narratives.  Viewers will be able to interpret for themselves the meaning of these miniature worlds, organic forms, conceptual objects and occasionally suffocating compositions, presented by a diverse group of women from across the country."

Hand-sewn soft sculpture, wool & wire inside glass bell jar
apx 8" x 6"

He's available through the gallery:

Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA
On view March 12 - April 3

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