Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wild Turkeys....

....were the first things that I saw after landing in Newburgh, NY on Friday morning. 

I didn't know what to expect of New York and I was so thrilled to be surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and fresh air and the relaxing and adorable town of Beacon - home to Clutter Magazine

It's a fantastic space run by fantastic people - and I had such a blast.

Rockin' out!

There will be more photos from the event later, so for now you should check out the work!  It's all online at Clutter Magazine's website

and, here are some of my favorite pieces! 
"Claude's Chameleon Carnival" 
by Clarisa Swenson
(the chameleon has tiny leg warmers which just slays me)

by Michael Wright-Ward
(perfect and adorable)

Tentacle 4
by Zoë Williams
(I love Zoë's work and seeing it in person made me happy!)

Tasty Treat
by Jordan Elise Perme
(always a treat!)

and then, omg
Woolly Two Shakes
by Travis Lampe
(love, love love love, want want want!)

Everything was amazing though, so check 'em all out.  

After the long and lovely weekend it was back to the airport
Where I had myself a few beers and sketched out things for some upcoming events.  I've got another soft-sculpture event coming and some paintings to work on, and I'm excited to share all that soon!

My painting from the other show this month, Saturday Morning Cartoons, is now available as a print in my Etsy shop!
There are only 20 of these, so head over if you're interested:

I think I might keep one in my kitchen for a while!


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