Monday, October 15, 2012

dont blink

Good gravy, I am busy.  Although, it seems like everyone is.  Work work work, driving, driving, life.
But, I did take a couple hours off from the madness to sit with my friends and watch scary movies this weekend.  And if you're going to sit around and watch scary movies, you should do it with a Meatface.


Sorry, I can't get enough Meatface.  I got this idea a few years ago from Super Punch and have been making at least one a year every Halloween since.  Delicious and Disturbing.  He's a conversation stopper. 

I'm still getting my scans of the mermaid fish-ladies put together, but when they're ready I'll post 'em.
In the meantime here's another teeth-teaser

It's certainly toothy and halloweeny around here.  More soon, internet!

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