Friday, August 10, 2012


Not a whole lot to show you, internets, tho' I have been wicked busy on all fronts,

A lot of day-jobbing, driving, and other miscelaneous tasks that don't translate well into blog-updates or instagram.

First off

My Marceline "Shades of Red" painting is now available at OhNo!Doom (on the previously mentioned Preview List for today, online in the show and in the gallery for sale tomorrow).


There are 12 (and only 12) prints available - they're lovely! Printed on thick quality watercolor paper and a nice standard 11" x 17".
These are the first prints I've ever had of anything, so I'm pleased as punch about them.

Besides all the ON!D stuff, I've been working on finishing this painting

Which I'm hoping to put a solid dent in on Sunday.
I've also started a small watercolor sketchbook

mainly to screw around with and enjoy my new watercolors. I've been using a terribly old and terribly terrible set of Van Gogh's for the last couple years. I finally (with the help of some birthday Blick gift cards) went out last weekend and got myself a right proper set of Holbeins. Wow. So, more on that in the coming weeks :)

Alright. I gotta hit the highway and get back to work - I might post some teaser hanging-the-show pics for Adventure Time tonight so check the ON!D instagram - @ohnodoom.

And as always, swing by tomorrow night if you're in the Chicagoland area! There's going to be a lot of artists in attendance and a lot of sweet tunes and treats.
OhNo!Doom gallery
1800 N Milwaukee


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Kira - said...

I'm always blown away by your paintings, especially the portraits. So good!