Monday, March 12, 2012

getting the lines down, catching up.

The desk job is going to kill me this week, I can feel it. But if it doesn't, I'm hoping to get some paint flung on the blocks I have going right now. This little block with James on it is just about ready.

And the Bee Queen is pulling up quickly behind.
Once the Bee Queen is cut off the big block, this lady is getting painted:

You've seen her before, and like the Bee Queen, she's back and ready to rock.

The Magpie is ready for paint, and as soon as she's cut off that block, then I start a portrait of Naomi

which I'm excited about. I've been meaning to paint Naomi for years and finally had an idea line up that suited.

Although right now I think I'm just going to go doodle in my sketchbook in bed until I pass out. I give it 5 minutes.

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