Thursday, January 19, 2012

I been busy

Working and driving and working some more. Sorry, internets, not a lot of time for writing.

Super Button Mashers is coming! There's posts and pictures of the work starting to pop up and it's very exciting. I'm not telling you what I'm making. But I'll be there at the opening, February 11th, so come drink a beer with me and see all the fun stuff!

Working on a little series of little watercolors of little monsters.

Hello! These little guys should be in the shop this weekend. Also, I don't know if you know, but there's a plush monster in my other shop too.

This one is almost done. The hair is taking longer than planned because I am being more persnickety about it than planned.

Last night I sat and stared at this thing until it made sense to me, and now I'm very excited about it.

Not much else to tell you. I work a lot, but you knew that already. I'm learning my way around the city and spending a good deal of time there. I like Chicago.

This is all an adventure.

BTW, check over to the left of the screen there, under "See Also" - I'm once again taking over the internet. Bwa ha ha. And, you can find me on Instagram (melissasuestanley) if you have a phone that does that sort of thing.


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