Thursday, December 1, 2011

figure class

So TONIGHT I went to see my buddy Gary's painting on display at the local college faculty show, and then stayed for cookies and coffee and figure drawing. I did a quick color study of the model using my pencils again:

Gary is a great painter and beer-&-bluegrass buddy, and also a pretty fantastic teacher. I always pick up a few good bits of info and ideas when hanging out in his class. And, he's good at giving me shit about loosening up and making more of a mess. Which is something I've always struggled with in my sketching and life drawing. I do enjoy making detailed portraits and watercolors, but it's good to remember to let the paint fly and get dirty. This weekend I should finish my painting of Joe and the Cicada, and probably another Strawberry Bird or two for the Etsy shop. And then I think it's time to make a mess.

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