Thursday, January 20, 2011


My very first day in Switzerland was in June 2009. Leo picked me up at the airport and brought me to Tellsplate for lunch. We sat so long in the sun on the restaurant's terrace that I got a sunburn. Then we went for a walk on this little path that led past cow pasture and orchards. I thought about moving to Europe.

in the shop


It's winter again.


Caitie said...

What's up with the white stuff? I was really digging the green.

Unknown said...

I love your painting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa! It's snowing right now too! Love your art work! I'm in "Hombi" a lot as we have our Icelandic horse Rubin there. Really glad I found your blog - I'm a self taught artist too! Check out my studio - maybe we can paint together some time?

Melissa Sue said...

Hey Barbara!
The Icelandic horse barns are right in my backyard! Those guys are pretty cute :)
I'm getting a pochade box soon, so in the spring perhaps some plein-air painting?

Anonymous said...

They are really cute - like teddy bears in the winter! And full of beans in the winter - they love it when it is cold. Sure I would love some painting out there in the Swiss landscape. It's like living in a post card don't you think?