Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I dunno how many more of these I'm going to do... I mean the portraits from portraits... they kinda make me crazy and I'm never happy with the result. I like working from my own bizarre photographs, or pictures I steal off the internets (example and example), but these drawings that are based on glamor-shot posed smiles make my eyeballs hurt. I don't wanna do them anymore. I wanna work on my giant portrait painting series (oh yes, it's coming) and exhibit it in the spring. And write my first book, and start doing whatever it is you do to make it into an actual book. And cook those pumpkins in the kitchen, and make biscuits tonight. These are all good plans.

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Mary said...

Good luck with the book thing. I'm on the 2nd draft of my first novel... man, it's a lot of damn work.