Wednesday, March 25, 2009

making a tootsie monster is difficult.

in the meantime, i got this done this morning:

i've been knocking cake topper ideas around in my skull ever since my wedding, i wanted to make some but didn't know what i wanted to do or how to go about it without stepping on toes of artists i admire already doing it. i wanted to make them really in my own style and voice.

and, i wanted to make something that was multi-purpose. the recent evolution of my ideas and work brought me to this thing.


sometimes i get an idea, and i wish i had a pocket-sized Billy Mays that could jump up and down on my desk and get excited for me... "IT'S A CAKE TOPPER, THEN BAM! IT'S SOFT SCULPTURE! BUT WAIT ---THERE'S MORE!!--- HANG IT ON THE WALL, AND YOU'VE GOT A JEWELRY DISPLAY!".

i luv billy mays and i dont know why.

the jewelry i've got on that thing (the earrings and necklace anyway) is from one of my super favorite shops, Ami Nyitray Designs. if i had bread to burn you'd bet i'd be burning it there... (hint hint...)

ok i gotta go make taco bowls. nom.


Danielle said...

It's lovely!! AND multi-purpose! Congratulations :) I'm the one buying your Cat Cow thing, btw :)

Melissa Sue said...

Ah! Thanks :D

Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

so simple and beautiful.