Monday, February 23, 2009

here's a story

last night, i had a dream that baba yaga came for me, and she was pissed, and started throwing sharp-clawed chicken feet at me and screaming something or other. so, i woke up like.. "um. hm. maybe i should explain that i'm making little chicken houses out of respect, because i love old stories and i think they're far better for you than anything on tv or facebooks."

so, this house i made today, special for baba yaga. if you go to see her, you are to bring her blue roses to show respect, and maybe she will grant you wishes in exchange, and maybe she will make them into tea, and maybe, as my friend piotr says, maybe she will still eat you anyway. in any case, i made her a little house and covered it in sprawling blue roses.

available here

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Ketutar said...

Oh, goodness, so wonderful! Thank you :-)