Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Painting on St Patrick's

Since moving to Chicago I've spent every St. Patrick's Day holed up, in one place or another, making art all weekend.  After three years, it's become my favorite unintentional tradition!

This year I spent most of my time at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Musuem.
In a new exhibit there, Lana Crooks is installing a large-scale plush "Fiber Forest", which will soon be a Storytelling Nook for children who visit.
While Lana sewed and constructed the large 3D elements of her installation, I mixed up some colors with the provided house paint (my new favorite medium) and dropped in the 2D forest background.  Max was a huge help painting and keeping up with the deadline.

The exhibit, "Nature's Struggle", opens
Saturday, March 22

There will be photos of the entire installation soon, but for now
here's a look at the mural's progress over last weekend:

A palette of warm tones, mixed up in take-out containers.

Working on the first section, the 'entry view' to the installation. 

Max comes to help, while Jarrett works with Lana (and a staple gun) on the Plush Trees

It looks quiet and serious, but we're really rocking out to the Pogues here.

2430 N Cannon Dr,  Chicago, IL   60614

You can see more photos of Lana's entire Fiber Forest installation by checking out Instagram:

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