Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i like these little guys so much, because they look like baby houses. as if someday, if they eat enough children's fingerbones, they will grow up to be real witch-cottages. for now though, they flock and scuttle around my studio, nipping at my toes and making awful screeching noises.

also, collin david is a gentleman and a scholar.

blood clots in my butt for sitting at my sewing-desk for so long!
i lead an exciting life.


Cutesy but not cutesy said...

And THESE are AMAZING!!! I want them all hopping around my apartment taunting my kitty. Wonderful!

pepper said...

oooh i LOVE these, like they just strutted jauntily and jerkily from a whimisical cut-out land. i adore your creatures!
(and emphathize, admin employment takes me away from my creative space aallll day)

cathy gaubert said...

that second sentence should be the first sentence in a storybook that you write and then illustrate with photos of your plushes.
and i want one.
and i would so buy that book.